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  • 3250 California Boulevard
  • Napa, CA, 94558
  • United States

Workshop $40.00 per student.

The world of mixed media has taken off in the past several years.
Incorporating texture in an otherwise plain painting can give depth to your
art piece. However, due to the number of mediums and textures in the
market, it can be very inundating. And who wants to waste precious medium
in a painting without getting to know the medium first and practice using
them to maximize their potential?

In this class you will get an introduction on how to incorporate various
mediums in your art journal, adding interest in your creation to get a feel
of their potential to later incorporate into your masterpiece. For
instance, we will be using gesso to add texture to your art journal page.
Similarly, we will be using scrapbook paper to add patterns to your work
instead of painting them yourself. Tissue paper will also add that organic
feel to add depth to your work.

I will also introduce the basic method of drawing a face which will be the
focal point of the page.

At the end of this session, you will have achieved several techniques to
use for your future masterpiece. The art journal will also serve as a
“did-it-yourself” guide for when you are experiencing the dreaded “artist
block!” Bonus, the face tutorial will give you a headstart to learning
portraiture. There is something powerful about adding that face to your art
journal that gives meaning to the page.

About Anamarie: I have been an artist since I was a child and have dabbled into
crafts as well. I began doing art full-time since 2008 and have been
featured in magazines such as “Studios Magazine” for Cloth Paper Scissors in
2013 and Mixed Media Art Magazine in 2014. Most of my pieces are featured
on Roku TV under The Artistic Blog I have been an art instructor for a few
years now and nothing is worth more to me than seeing my students learn the
tricks and trade of becoming an artist. It warms my heart to see their
faces light up to a lightbulb moment!

Supplies needed:

  • Notebook (Mixed Media type) Preferably 9x12 I use Canson
  • Matte Medium (Golden brand is a good one)
  • Acrylic paints the basic colors and you can bring what you have (white is a must and a dark blue)
  • Paint brushes (3/4in flat brush, #4 round, #2 round, 
  • Gesso - the thicker the better (Gesso can be thinned with water, more bang
  • for your buck)
  • Plastic palette knife
  • Patterned papers (this can be scrapbook papers, newsprint, old stamps,
  • Decorative paper napkins, tissue gift paper, just make sure that the papers you bring are fairly color coordinated)
  • Black STABILO pencil - you can purchase it at the store
  • White color pencil or white charcoal pencil
  • Charcoal pencil (hard)
  • Tortilian or blending stick
  • Fine point marker like Sharpie or Pitt
  • Acrylic Glazing Medium (this helps the Acrylic paint flow nicely on your page)
  • Stencils, designs that you love as long as they are fairly small in size
  • Apron
  • Water container for painting
  • Palette

I will provide handouts of information used in the class, paper towels, baby wipes for oopsies, some stencils, rubber stamps.

 Please call, go in store or email info@napavalleyartsupplies.com to register. You will need to provide proof of payment with over the phone or an email registration. A photo of your paypal receipt, or an email with your paypal receipt will qualify as proof of payment.

$40 Payment is due at registration via PayPal to jcsgirl5252@yahoo.com, or cash when you sign up in store at the front counter.

For more information, please either send me a message through afoxart714@gmail.com  or pm me on my Facebook page at "Art Workshops by Anamarie Fox