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SolarFast Seminar-Sun-powered Photography and Print-making Photographers, screen printers, print makers and dyers rejoice: with SolarFast, Jacquard has taken photography out of the darkroom and opened up a whole world of light-powered print making!

SolarFast is a light-developed dye that is permanent and archival on any artist paper or natural fabric. This means you can now print continuous-tone photographs in any color, directly onto paper or fabric, without a darkroom, without additional chemicals, without heat setting, without steaming...it's fast and easy and the results will blow you away! SolarFast is also great for tie dyeing, batik, screen printing, painting, and more-it is always completely soft on fabric, and you never have to worry about setting the colors the way you do with other paints, inks and dyes. This seminar will cover the entire process, from start to finish, and show you how to turn a snap shot, drawing, or found image into a T-shirt or artist print in a matter of minutes. We will also explore the practically infinite possibilities SolarFast opens to artists.

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