In this class, you will learn how to use shrink plastic to create one of a kind charms to give as gifts or to sell at fairs or fundraisers.  Shrinky Dink The base material consists of a thin, flexible polystyrene plastic.  Prior to heating, the plastic sheets can be colored with felt-tip pens, acrylic paint, colored pencils, etc. and cut into shapes. When heated a heat gun, the plastic shrinks by about five-eighths and becomes thicker and more rigid, while retaining the colored design.  Although used primarily for kids, this class will prove that this flexible medium makes fantastic charms for jewelry, gift embellishments, etc. made to look sophisticated and artistic!  This class is for adults who will learn how to stretch this very simple medium to spark endless creative possibility!! Guaranteed to love this workshop!  


This class is $45 for 3 hours.  Please send payments to Paypal to, or pay at the Napa Valley Art Supply Store.  Please LIKE my Facebook Page “ART WORKSHOPS BY ANAMARIE FOX” to get updates and information as well as visiting my website at under the NVAS tab to view the gallery.  After the class you can JOIN my Facebook Art Group called ‘FOX ARTISTS OF NAPA’ to share your creations as well.  This is an interactive group.  

Materials list required


Hole punch

Heat gun

Graphix shrink film

Sharstamps and stamp pads

Sharpie/Copic markers


Jump rings

Liquid glass/ dimensional glue

Leather cord/string/small chain/jewelry wire

Paint pens


Optional list (to add)


spiral draw

Lumiere 3d




colored pencils