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Liquitex Acrylic demo attendees will be educated on the vast variety of products the Liquitex acrylic paint line has to offer; including Heavy Body Acrylic, Liquitex Basics Acrylic, acrylic mediums, and Freestyle brushes. This hands-on demonstration will explore the intermixability of the Liquitex line, illustrating the limitless possibilities of acrylic paint. Some of the topics in the workshop would include color mixing, lightfastness, transparent versus opaque colors, and pigment properties.

Workshop attendees will also learn how to properly use various acrylic mediums such as glazing medium, modeling paste, string gel, and pouring medium. We will discuss how the materials and mediums are all intermixable, producing many different effects. Understanding that artists are tactile and like to learn by doing, workshop attendees are encouraged to mix paints, try out the mediums, and ask questions.

This workshop is designed with both advanced and beginning painters in mind. Advanced attendees will walk away with an enriched understanding of their medium, while beginners will develop a basic understanding of acrylic techniques and materials. Learning these skills should prove inspiring and surprising and will benefit customers’ future projects.

DISCLAIMER: Sign ups let us know if you (our customers) actually want these demos. We need a minimum of 15 attendees per demo or it will be cancelled. Please make sure you sign up if you would like to attend, do not depend on just "dropping in".

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